Monday, August 19, 2013

90's Kid Favourites!

So my goosebumps post got me reminiscing about the books I used to read when I was younger. Thanks to my mum and a good education I have grown up with a love of reading and, working as a primary teacher, I am able to pass this love on to the children I work with too. I remember being on holiday in America with my parents (around the age of 12) and being told off in the hire car for reading instead of taking in the sights. I did, and always will, have my nose in a book!

However, they don't make children's books like they used to!! I am a hardcore 90s kid... I loved the toys, I loved the TV shows, I loved the books! Check out some of these bad boys and then tell me you don't agree...


The Rainbow Fish was one of my all time favourites so imagine my excitement when my Year Three teacher told me I was going to play the part of 'octopus' in our class assembly. Some black Lycra and four pairs of stuffed tights later and there I was, in the best performance of 'The Rainbow Fish' the world has ever seen. I always will be jealous of the kid that played the rainbow fish.
I remember being very good at reading in primary school and progressing to the top set. Yes you heard right... The top set! *Takes a bow*. These absolute classics were then at the top of my reading list. Oh how I wish I had kept them!!


I can't mention 90's books without reminding everyone of these!
Hours of my childhood were spent squinting and going cross eyed in a desperate attempt to view a 3D picture. If only we knew that in 10+ years we would have 3D films and television at our fingertips. Pretty embarrassing really.

Calling all you scientists out there! PLEASE invent a time machine and take me back to my youth. I want to be a 90's kid again!