Sunday, February 16, 2014

Penguin In Love by Salina Yoon

Penguin is looking for love.
Instead, he finds himself in the middle of a curious situation...

And as the mystery unravels, something very special happens - Penguin finds his soulmate.

A heartwarming story about life's biggest adventure - love!

I received this copy from Bloomsbury for an open and honest review. 

Star Rating

Arriving just in time for Valentines day, I received this copy of 'Penguin in Love' to read to my Year 2 class. As predicted, this book had very mixed reviews from the children in my class. In short, the girls LOVED it and the boys HATED it. Prepare yourselves for a humorous review...

This book tells the story of Penguin, a lonely soul who is looking for love. With the help of some clever puffins, Penguin meets Bootsy a fellow knitter who has run out of knitting wool. Together, Penguin and Bootsy set off on an adventure to discover who has stolen their wool. As the penguins grow closer they begin to fall in love... until a huge blizzard comes and blows the penguins apart! Will they ever find each other again? 

Very random I hear you say! Yes, this story line is bizarre but consequently it is incredibly cute and the ending will have even the coldest of hearts smiling. The girls in my class (including myself) absolutely loved this story branding Penguin "the cutest animal ever." The girls liked that the story was "all about love" and were pleased to discover that there was a happy ending. The children quickly realised that the puffins had stolen the wool on purpose so that Penguin and Bootsy would fall in love; with one child commenting that the puffins were "just like cupid."

The boys in my class, however, were not as impressed. One boy told me that he "doesn't like people in love" and that he certainly did not like this story as kissing makes him "feel sick." Much to my amusement, most of the other boys agreed and said this was definitely a book for girls. One child told me that "knitting is boring and a waste of time." When I explained that knitting  was actually very important and asked him where his clothes came from he replied "the shop". Something tells me I need to do a little more work on materials and where they come from. 

This an extremely cute and heartwarming story but definitely one for the girls!

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