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Sharon Sant Guest Post, author of 'The Memory Game'

I am VERY excited to welcome the amazing author Sharon Sant to my book blog. Having recently finished reading her new novel, The Memory Game, I am now slightly obsessed with this incredibly talented author. Check out my 5 star review of The Memory Game here...

So, after Sharon had kindly agreed to guest post on my blog I started to brainstorm some ideas. I wanted to do something different to the normal Q&A interviews and wanted the post to be related to Sharon's powerful story plot. With this in mind, I asked Sharon the following...

"Three weeks ago fifteen-year-old David died, he is still hanging around and he doesn't know why. The only person who can see and hear him is the girl he spent his school days bullying."

Putting yourself in David's shoes and one person could see and hear you, who would you choose to spend your 'after'life with?

Sharon Sant

Top 5 fictional characters to spend the afterlife with

When Lynsey asked me to choose five fictional characters to spend the afterlife with, the biggest problem I had was deciding whether they’d be with me forever or not. They’d need to be immortal to wander with me forever, which meant I was looking at one of the Elves from Lord of the Rings or Highlander! The other option is to go with someone else who is dead too, which left me with Marty Hopkirk or Casper the Friendly Ghost. Then I decided to scrap the idea of having them forever and go with a ‘live’ person for a little while. I actually couldn’t decide on the order of the list, so they’re not in any order really, I’ll take whoever turns up first!

Harry Potter from… well… Harry Potter.

He can already see ghosts, right? And he’d be pretty cute and fun and would be able to do magic that would help me enjoy the afterlife a bit. Maybe he’d even find a way to help me communicate with other people that didn’t just involve making himself look like a nutter who talks to his imaginary friend?

Ma Larkin from The Darling Buds of May

I wanted one of my choices to be someone nurturing, someone who would be like a mother figure but would be a bit fun too. Molly Weasley sprang to mind, but as I already have Harry, I thought I would look elsewhere for inspiration.  A long, long time ago, I read these books and quite enjoyed them as a bit of feel good escapism. I reckon the afterlife might be a bit short of feel good escapism so anywhere you can get it is fine by me.

Dr Watson from Sherlock Holmes

Watson is level-headed, good-natured, patient and open-minded – in short, a fine upstanding member of Victorian society. And if you can stay sane in the face of Sherlock’s temper tantrums and taciturn silences, coping with a ghost following you around will be child’s play.

George the werewolf from Being Human

Ok, I snuck in a TV one. And you might think this is a weird choice, but George is actually kind and considerate and very cute. I know what you’re thinking, once a month he turns into a bloodthirsty, uncontrolled ball of fluffy rage – but I’m already dead, so what’s he going to do to me? I’ll just sit it out until he’s done. Oh, and he can already see ghosts too. Does that mean I get another choice to go with him?

Luca Valvona from the Sky Song trilogy.

This bad, right? Choosing one of your own characters is probably the literary equivalent of laughing at your own jokes.  But I struggled with number five and, as I always say, if you can’t create people you love, who can? He’s fun and flirty and always up for adventure and someone you definitely want on your side when you’re in a jam. And I’ve said before that out of all my characters, I think Luca is the one that might have more than a little bit of me in him.  I might find that very annoying, of course, but I reckon we’d get on like the proverbial house on fire.  Something that’s a definite bonus when you’ve got no one else to talk to! As there are no actual photos of this character, I’ve had to use my imagination and cast someone. I chose Jonathan Bailey because, although my Luca is darker haired, Jonathan could pass as an Italian teenager (he played a young Leonardo da Vinci in CBBC’s Leonardo - I will never forgive the BBC for cancelling that show!) and he would be rather pleasant to look at.

Check out Sharon Sant's website here

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